Let's Keep Sahuarita Strong and Successful

Building A Strong Sahuarita

I have served the residents of Sahuarita for two terms and I'm asking for your vote so that I may continue the work of keeping Sahuarita Strong and Successful. Below are areas were we have been successful and want to continue to stay strong.

Economic Development Policies

Over the past nine years, Sahuarita has welcomed a great deal of new home construction and business development. My vision, and that of the entire Town Council, have helped to move this development forward. New shopping centers have been built. Construction on the SAMTEC building and the Northwest Hospital will begin soon. All of these accomplishments bring a strong vibrant business atmosphere that will help Sahuarita continue to progress. This vision and these policies make Sahuarita, in the words of one developer working here, “the easiest town government in Arizona to work with.”

Business Friendly Policies

My leadership, and the work of my fellow council members, have changed dramatically how we do business in the Town. We have staff that know how to make the development process quicker and easier. When I first began to serve on the Council, one of the most frequent complaints we received was how difficult it was to do business in the Town. Most of our information and services are available online, which eliminates the need for residents, business owners, and builders to come to Town Hall. We have also eliminated or reduced business property taxes and licensing fees. We also provide Small Business workshops and support for the local business community.

Vision for the Town District: Shopping, Dining, Entertainment

Sahuarita needs a gathering place – a location that will provide retail shopping, business offices, dining establishments, and recreation. We need an area where families come and play and stay for ice cream; a place where friends gather to enjoy a nice dinner and great entertainment; a place to hold special events and build local traditions. I have served on the committee to ensure that this vision of a central gathering place becomes a reality.

Planning for Recreation, Athletic Fields, Parks, and Trails

I strongly support continuing development of recreational facilities for our community, including sports fields, hiking trails, and all-inclusive parks. Since I’ve served on the Council, I have consistently voted to build athletic fields, and will continue to work to build new ones to fill the growing need for such facilities. The Town has a great partnership with the school district to help build and light the fields to be shared by both users.

I have collaborated, and will continue to work with Pima County, to continue develop the Anza trail along the Santa Cruz River. This will include a number of trailheads in Sahuarita. This activity will make more than 17 miles of trails along the River. We need to complete this trail within the boundaries of Sahuarita.

Our town needs an all-inclusive park, one that will meet the needs of children of varying abilities. This past year I worked to ensure that money of this all-inclusive park was included in the town budget, and I want to see it built. Children of all abilities need a place where they and their families can play, enjoy our great weather, and be in a safe, comfortable environment with their friends.

Community traditions are important to the life of any town. I have worked to bring into being the Christmas Light Parade, strengthening the nostalgia of a small, hometown Christmas to our residents.

Community Service involvement – Local, Regional, State

As a Town Council member, it is my role to serve the residents of Sahuarita. But, like you, I am also a citizen, and I have done much to try to meet the needs in our community and beyond. This service includes the following:

  • Vice President of Sustainable Families - we are working to connect the families in need with resources available to assist them. Our goal is to determine what is needed for these families to become self-sustaining, and fill these needs through job training, education, health care, and other areas.
  • Board member of the Southern Arizona Red Cross, which serves families affected by disasters such as home fire and flooding, disconnections for military families, blood services, emergencies, and vital skills training such as CPR and First Aid.
  • Board Member of the Tucson/Pima County Collaboration to End Homelessness – we serve people who are homeless – or nearly so – to find more permanent housing.
  • Council Member (appointed by the Governor) to serve on the Arizona State Citizen Corp, which develops and trains residents and community groups to respond to emergency situations.
  • Sahuarita School District volunteer – I give civic presentations on Local Government to Anza Trail 3rd Graders and Sahuarita Intermediate School 5th grades. I also give this presentation to Boy Scouts of America for their Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge.
  • Sahuarita Food Bank and Valley Assistance volunteer

I care about the residents of Sahuarita and I spend time beyond politics trying to help them.

Re-elect Kara Egbert